Specialized Mobile Dentistry Services


We understand that each horse has different needs and take extra care to make sure all of our patients are treated with patience, kindness and respect. A person with a heavy hand has never gotten very far with any horse, at any level. Experience tells us that most horses who act out are doing so for 2 reasons: fear and/or pain. Dr. Johnson and his staff pride themselves in maintaining a calm and gentle approach, giving every horse a chance to receive the care they need.

Routine Dental visits are by appointment and can be scheduled Monday – Friday, for your convenience. We travel all of Southern California, Central California and Arizona. We welcome all breeds, sizes and disciplines, and encourage routine checkups and maintenance for horses of all ages. 2 horse minimum, except in special cases that require advanced dentistry. Larger barns and groups, call for special rates.

Routine Dental Care

Routine Dental care by a licensed veterinarian is an integral part of your horse’s health throughout their life. Whether you have a fierce competitor, or a pal who likes to cruise down the trail, routine float and occlusal adjustment, along with correct diet and nutrition are vital in maintaining a happy healthy horse that is able to perform and be at his best. For more information about the importance of routine dental care, and answers to some commonly asked questions, please visit our resources page.

Routine appointments include (but not limited to):

Advanced Dentistry

Some cases require special care that goes beyond the scope of routine due to disease, advanced stages of dental neglect, or other special circumstance. Many of these cases are referred to us by other veterinarians due to the high level of knowledge in the area of equine dentistry as well as the specialty of care that must go in to treating such cases. Whether you are referred by your regular veterinarian, or seeking treatment on your own, rest assured your horse will be in the best hands for the job. Dr. Johnson has built a reputation amongst peers and clients as having the knowledge and experience to handle the most complex cases with compassion and quality of care that surpasses others. These are the patients for which his passion to provide a means to an end has driven him to go above and beyond the normal scope of treatment and care through continued education and by staying current with new breakthroughs in disease and treatment.

Advanced dentistry services may include:

All cases are welcome and will be treated on an individual basis.

Call for your consultation.