Specialized Mobile Dentistry Services


Dr. Jacob Johnson grew up in Apple Valley, Ca, where he spent his time riding horses, raising and showing livestock, growing hay and working on trucks and heavy equipment. Driven by his motivation for independence and a strong work ethic, he started his own firewood business at 15, which became very successful and is still in operation today under the management of his parents. He graduated high school in 1999, and attended Cal Poly Pomona, where he graduated with a BS in microbiology. He continued on to attend Vet School at University of Illinois and graduated in 2007, earning a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.         

"Driven by his motivation for independence and a strong work ethic."

During the course of vet school, he traveled through Peru, Belize, Guatemala and Mexico doing extensive relief work. It was also during this time that he realized his passion for equine dentistry and began to seek out as many opportunities to learn and advance his studies in dentistry. He attended many clinics, lectures and conferences outside of school. Free time and vacations were spent working and learning from different veterinarians in Texas, Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Nevada and California. Shortly after finishing school, he returned home to Apple Valley and began working for a local equine veterinary clinic practicing general and emergency medicine in-house and out in the field.

In 2011, he started his own mobile practice, Mojave River Equine Veterinary Services. He offered general and emergency services, and quickly established himself as a reliable and knowledgeable vet throughout Southern California. Having his own practice and being mobile exposed him to a diverse range of cases, which has shaped him into a well-rounded and experienced doctor. Although he thoroughly enjoys every aspect of equine medicine, his passion has always been dentistry, and took every opportunity to expand upon his knowledge and experience through continued education and self-studies. In 2013, he acquired Advanced Equine Dental and began to fulfill his desire to have a practice which focused solely on routine and advanced dentistry.

His mission has always been to provide quality dental services, but also to educate and help horse owners fully understand every aspect of maintaining a happy, healthy horse. He believes routine veterinary care is only one piece of the puzzle. Each horse requires different care based on the individual, and many horse owners are left with missing pieces of the puzzle that play key factors in maintaining a healthy productive lifestyle for their horse. Dr. Johnson believes education is the only way to provide owners with those missing pieces, and is the most important part of keeping your horse healthy and stay the best that he can be!