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Mojave River Equine Veterinary Service

MREVS with Jacob Johnson, DVM, is a fully equipped mobile veterinary practice exclusively focused on equine dentistry. Dr. Johnson’s passion for dentistry combined with over 15 years experience guarantees the highest quality dental care for your horse. Dr. Johnson is a licensed veterinarian and provides routine and advanced dental throughout Southern and Central California and Arizona.

Jacob Johnson, DVM

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Jacob Johnson, DVM, is a licensed Veterinarian providing routine and advanced dental care to horses throughout Southern California and Arizona. Dr. Johnson has more than 15 years of experience specifically in the field of dentistry and many more years of horsemanship and involvement with many types of animals. His assistant and life companion, Christel, has over 30 years horse experience, riding, showing and understanding the general well-being and behavior and the issues that may affect those things in a diverse number of breeds and disciplines. We are a family owned and operated business, and we are proud to offer you a quality and educational experience that surpasses all others. Our mobile practice is fully equipped with everything needed to provide the best experience for your horse, all while remaining in the comfort of their own surroundings. Knowledge, dedication and compassion allow us to deliver services that will leave both you and your horse with a smile.

"My mission is to provide dental services with a quality of care that surpasses all others, treating each horse as an individual and educating owners so they understand every aspect of maintaining a healthy horse."

Our Services


Routine Dental visits are by appointment and can be scheduled Monday – Friday, for your convenience. We travel all of Southern and Central California and Arizona. We encourage routine check-ups and maintenance for equids of all ages, and we welcome all breeds, sizes and disciplines, including minis, drafts, mules, donkeys, and all other types of equids. ​


Some cases require special care that goes beyond the scope of routine care due to disease, advanced stages of dental neglect, or other special circumstance. Dr. Johnson has built a reputation amongst peers and clients as having the knowledge and capability to handle the most complex cases with compassion and quality of care that surpasses others.​

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